WEG MPW Range of Manual Motor Starters

WEG MPW Range of Manual Motor Starters

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WEG is a global solutions provider of industrial technologies. They have nearly 60 years in the field and have grown into the largest industrial electric motor manufacturer in the America’s and one of the largest manufacturers of electrical motors in the world, producing more than 21 million units annually. In this post we are going to be looking at their brilliant range of MPW Manual Motor Starters.


Main Technical Features

WEG MPW Manual Motor Starter Series are built with the latest technology and design. Furthermore, they are versatile enough to face almost any application in motor control and created to be compact in order to maximise space within a panel. In addition, the series combines motor control; disconnect means, a short circuit and motor overload protections in just one, compact, component. Moreover, the MPW range includes many performance and safety oriented features including: Class 10 Trip Protection, ambient temperature compensation and phase failure sensitivity, which gives all the protection a motor would need. For short circuit protection, the magnetic device trips at 13 times the maximum FLA of the component. Finally, this range is designed to comply with international standards, making them suitable for applications all over the world.



Technical Specification Break Down

  • Thermal Magnetic Protection
  • High short-circuit interrupt rating up to 50kA @ 480V
  • Current limiting short-circuit protection
  • Class 10 thermal overload protection
  • Phase loss sensitivity protection
  • Ambient temperature compensation (-20°C to +60°C)
  • Lockable rotary handle mechanism for disconnect
  • Visual indication of On-Trip-Off status

Image result for compressorUses

The MPW range are recommended for a wide range of applications, where full voltage combination starters are required. Some examples of uses are pumps, industrial washing machines, compressors, cutting machines, conveyors, lumber processing and many others. Overall, MPW series of motor starters are a compact reliable solution for starting and protecting motors.


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