Elettrocanali Transparent Wall Mounting Enclosures

Elettrocanali Transparent Wall Mounting Enclosures

ElettrocanaliElettrocanali Brand Overview

Elettrocanali is a company based in italy, which designs, manufactures and sells trunking systems and equipment for complete industrial or electrical installations. The company has been growing and developing for 40 years and now exports to more than 40 countries all over the world. The development of new products and product improvements is inspired and driven by their customers through research and listening to the demand for new products to fit a need in a particular market. The upmost care and attention is given to the safety of these products, which are built to comply with the most important national and foreign certification bodies. When you buy Elettrocanali, you know that you are buying 40 years of product development and safety testing.

Main Technical Features

The wall mounting enclosure range by Elettrocanali are manufactured with thermo-resistant, halogen-free, self- extinguishing ABS which has a high resistance of abnormal heat, up to 960° C. The high mechanical strength protects wiring devices and equipment in outdoor installations in both industrial and domestic applications. Furthermore, the junction boxes from Elettrocanali are built to last with a high resistance to ageing, weathering and UV rays.

Technical Specification Break Down

  • Strong design for high level rigidity and lasting installation, even on rough or irregular walls.
  • Integrated hinges for an easy and quick installation.
  • Uses high quality nylon screws and a hinged cover
  • Made from thermo-resistant ABS
  • Polycarbonate transparent smoky grey screw cover
  • High resistant soft rubber inner gasket
  • Possibility of double insulation
  • Internal guide to fix the DIN rail, brass terminals or back plates

Chalon Components LtdAvailable at Chalon

Here are just a few dimensions we stock of these fantastic enclosures.

  • EC420C5: 150mm x 110mm x 70mm
  • EC420C7: 240mm x 190mm x 90mm
  • EC420C10: 460mm x 380mm x 120mm
  • EC440c6: 190mm x 140mm x140mm
  • EC440C8: 300mm x 220mm x 180mm
  • EC440C9: 380mm x 300mm x 180mm

Many more dimensions are available, see our full range here.


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