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Gewiss 68 Q-DIN Range Distribution Boards

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Gewiss is a market leader in the international electro-technical industry. Although based in Italy, it boasts offices, subsidaries, agencies and production sites in more than eighty nations. Gewiss' success derives from its capacity to pinpoint customer needs and create winning company strategies and solutions that meet these needs. Their mission is to meet consumer needs through innovation and invention and the 68 Q-DIN range of distribution boards are prime example of this company's constant development and ability to find solutions to industrial and domestic electrical needs.


Image result for Q-DIN RANGE PRODUCT OVERVIEWThe 68 Q-DIN Range is a complete electric board system for energy distribution in commercial, industrial and construction sites. They are available in both empty and wired versions in compliance with the IEC 61439 standard. The range includes:
  • Versions from 5 to 20 DIN EN 50022 modules, including supplementary 14 and 20 modules to obtain more DIN space.
  • Versions able to house domestic socket-outlets 50 x 50 mm
  • IP65 degree of protection guaranteed by the innovative door handle closing system for flush-mounting and interlocked sockets from 16 to 63A, IP44 and IP67
  • Pre-arrangement for emergency push button
  • Pole coupling, wall brackets, transportation handle and mobile support.

Range information

This range is made up of twenty-six empty casings for flush-mounting and interlocked switched socket-outlets up to 63 Amps. The boxes are customisable for their purpose, with a variety of complimentary items that can be combined to extend the fields of application. The range provides IP65 grade protection. Image result for Q-DIN RANGE PRODUCT OVERVIEWThe boards are available with 5-10-14-20 modules as well as supplementary modules (14 and 20 M) which are ideal for increasing the modular space. This range offers innovative technical details such as an ergonomic handle (to simplify the opening of the door) and screws for 'hinging' the front to facilitate wiring operations. There is a wide variety of accessory combinations available for this range. The boards can be fitted with key-operated locks with a metal cylinder and mushroom head emergency push-button for easy safety. They can be pole mounted, surface mounted, flush-mounted or fixed to accident prevention mobile supports. Image result for Q-DIN RANGE PRODUCT OVERVIEWAll the boards in this range conform to the latest safety and electrical standards. They are wired and certified in conformity with the new Standard EN61439. This standard replaced the previous EN60439 and outlined the guidelines and test procedures to be observed. In addition, this standard allows the use of boards with specific UV resistance characteristics in accordance with EN62208

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