Supplier Spotlight- ABB

Supplier Spotlight- ABB

At Chalon Components, we pride ourselves on the variety and quality of our stock. We use trusted and reliable suppliers that provide an excellent standard of products. Many businesses will tell you that they trust their stock, but how can you be sure that they truly do? That’s where Chalon differs. We benefit from having our own panel building service, in which we use our own components stock. With us, you know that you are getting a product that is tried and tested.

Each week you can find an article on one of our products on our blog, to give you more insight into the features of our stock.

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Furthermore, every month we will bring you an overview of each of our suppliers, to help you make the best decision when choosing your next component.

This month we start with ABB

ABB Company OverviewABB Logo

ABB is a pioneering technology company with more than 40 years at the forefront of digital technologies. They work closely with the utility, industrial, transport and infrastructure sectors with customers in over 100 countries around the globe. With an installed base of over 70,000 control systems connecting 70 million devices, they are a leader in digitally connected and enabled industrial equipment and systems.

ABB Historical MilestonesAESA Research Labratory

In 1988 AESA (translates to General Swedish Electric Company) merged with electrical engineering company BBC (stands for Brown, Boveri and Cie…not The BBC) to form ABB. The new group had revenues of $17 million and a workforce of 160,000 employees around the world.



AESA manufactured the first industrial diamonds

Did you know?

AESA were responsible for creating the first industrially manufactured diamonds.




Shore to Ship electric power In 2000 ABB delivered the world’s first commercial high voltage shore to ship electric power, helping to reduce emissions from ships which were berthed at the Swedish port of Gothenburg.




World's Longest Submarine Cable

In 2008 ABB created the world’s longest submarine HVDC cable at 580 KM long. It linked the power networks of Norway and the Netherlands with a transmission capacity of 700 MW.




Hybrid DC BreakerFinally in 2012 ABB successfully designed and developed a hybrid DC breaker, suitable for the creation of large inter-regional DC grids. This breakthrough solved a technical challenge that had been left unresolved for over 100 years.


TechnologyABB technology research lab

Every year, ABB invests $1.5 billion into funding research and development activities. This research is driven by 7900 technologists in 4 divisions and 7 corporate research centres.


The four main divisions of technological research and development are:


Electrification ProductsElectrification products

  • Electrical Installation
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Solar power


Robotics and MotionYuMi Robot

  • Drives
  • Motors and Generators
  • Robotics



Industrial AutomationIndustrial Automation Division

  • Control Systems
  • Turbo Charging
  • Oil and Gas



Power GridsPower Grid Division

  • Semi-Conductors
  • Transformers
  • Communication Networks



Latest Innovations

ABB Ability™ Smart SensorMotors using ABB ability

This innovation works by picking up data on vibration, temperature and other parameters on a motor. It then uses this information to reduce motor downtime by up to 70%. Furthermore it can extend the lifetime by as much as 30% whilst lowering energy consumption by 10%. It achieves this by using onboard algorithms to relay information about the motor’s health via a smart phone or secure internet connection. This solution can turn huge numbers of motors into smart devices which enables them to benefit from intelligent services, therefore progressing the technological potential in this field.


YuMi Robot


ABB has developed a collaborative, dual arm, small parts assembly robot solution that includes:

  • Flexible hands
  • Parts feeding systems
  • Camera-based part location and state of the art robot control

Safety is built into the functionality of the robot, which removes the barriers to collaboration by making fences and cages a thing of the past


ABB Products

SO we know that ABB are capable of creating and developing impressive technology that has huge benefits to infrastructure and the environment, but how can they help the everyday consumer? ABB have put the same amount of intelligent research and innovative design into their components. An ABB component is a choice backed by many years of research and development. Here are a few products we particularly recommend.

ABB OT Range Isolators

ABB OT Range IsolatorThe OT range are physically smaller than isolators of many other brands, therefore uses up less space within a control panel. Moreover it is available in both 3 and 4 pole versions and covers amp ratings from 16A to 125A. The range is guaranteed for 3 years as it is built to be reliable.

See our full range of OT Isolators here.


ABB Distribution BlockABB Distribution Blocks

Similar to the OT range, the ABB Distribution Blocks are compact in size for easy installation and great flexibility of use and are available in a range of amp ratings from 80A to 400A. The feature an interlocking function for multiple pole assembling and a two-direction opening with a snap on and reversible cover. The compact size of the Distribution Blocks reduces wiring and assembly costs and lowers assembly time by 80%, making them convenient and cost-effective.

See our full range of ABB Distribution Blocks here.

Writing the Future

ABB is definitely writing the future of electrical innovation on a big scale, from record breaking submarine electricity wires to a collaborative smart technology that can monitor a fleet of motors or create a fully functioning workforce from robots. However these big scale innovators have put their extensive knowledge into their smaller consumer products, such as isolators and distribution blocks. When you buy ABB, you can trust that you are buying a product of innovative excellence.

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