Eaton CR Range Modular Contactors

These contactors are frequently applied for switching of lamp loads, fans or pumps in both utility as well as industrial areas. Eaton’s new “CR” contactors are very specific due to the applied operating coil and the construction of the main contacts. All contactors with ac/dc coils ensure silent operation which is further enhanced by a low power consumption. Optimal contacts and low heat dissipation guarantee a long lifetime of the contactor which is available in a wide range of characteristics.
Technical characteristics

Designed according to IEC 60947-4-1 and IEC 61095 standards.
Suitable for applications in general control, heating & lighting applications.
Available in 20, 25, 40 & 63 A ratings with up to 4-pole contacts.
Coil voltages: 12 Vac/dc, 24 Vac/dc, 48 Vac/dc, 230 V ac, 220 Vdc.
Optional add-on auxiliary contact available.
DIN modular profile.
Spacers available to extend lifetime (it is recommended to use 1 spacer between every 2 contactors installed)
Day / night contactors available with manual override function.A

Advantages of Eaton contactors

Low inrush power for all ac/dc types.
Availability of combined ac/dc type contactors ensure silent operation
Contactors of ac/dc coil type are operable on both ac and dc voltage.
The 20 A and 25 A versions are also available with ac coil. All combined ac/dc type versions are equipped with surge protection on the operating coil.
Equipped with contact indication.
Optimal quality of contacts and low heat dissipation ensure a long life time.