Trailing Sockets - Screw Terminal

ENERGY – BLOC – High Performance IEC309 (BS4343) Trailing Sockets – High Performance – Screw Terminals (H)
Screw wiring
To make it easier to tighten the cables, all the screws are facing in the same direction. This means it is not necessary to rotate the product during the wiring operations, which therefore require less time.The wiring screws are all fully loosened to save time, and they are equipped with a braking system to prevent them from getting lost during transportation owing to the movement and vibrations. To open and close the body-grip system and tighten the terminal screws, just a flat-head screwdriver is needed. The PH2 head of the screw used in the new plugs and socket-outlets can take any type of screwdriver (flat-head or star). All the terminals of the 32A versions are designed to guarantee reliability, protection and safety over time: each one, in fact, has a double tightening screw. The earth terminal is raised above those of the other phases: so that if the connection cable is accidentally pulled out, the earth cable will be the last to be released, thereby preventing electric shocks for the user and electrical discharge on the devices. During the connection and tightening phases, the operator’s hands are safe because the tip of the screwdriver is “caged” inside the component cover; if the screwdriver suddenly slips, the installer is protected against injury.