Gewiss IEC 309 High Performance Plugs & Sockets

Always one step ahead
Technologically advanced protection, connection and energy/service distribution systems are at the heart of the GEWISS product range, and have paved the way for electrical systems in Italy. Only GEWISS can offer this, thanks to a company philosophy that places development at the very heart of its operations and continual investments in new technologies – factors which have made GEWISS such a distinctive brand, and synonymous with safety, design and practicality. GEWISS renews the very heart of its system, introducing a new range of IEC 309 HP socket-outlets and plugs. It boasts a fully comprehensive assortment of products to create any kind of commercial or industrial system, making installation even quicker and easier whilst still retaining GEWISS’s well-known focus on quality and safety
The future of connections
GEWISS has always been an Italian leader in the production of systems for energy management and distribution. Industrial connections and distribution boards lie at the heart of the company’s range: in over 40 years, GEWISS has produced and sold more than 100 million socket-outlets and plugs. Its innovation vocation has allowed the company to stand out as a reference on the Italian and international electro-technical market, with products that look further ahead – designed and built to meet all needs, even the most complex ones.
The IEC 309 HP socket-outlets and plugs are the latest evolution in industrial connections: made with exclusive, innovative technical solutions, they are ideal for power take-off in every type of commercial and industrial system. The priceless company know-how in the field of industrial connections leads to ground-breaking technological solutions like the IEC 309 HP Range. Available in both watertight and protected versions, with all the possible earth hour references, the IEC 309 HP range offers everything that the market and the most advanced installation require for applications and for the most specialised, heavy-duty installation contexts.
The ergonomics, technical details and materials make this new range unique.The technical solutions adopted are aimed at facilitating and speeding up the installation phases whilst still retaining GEWISS’ well-known focus on quality, safety and reliability. The technopolymers used guarantee excellent mechanical resistance and resistance to chemical agents, making the products suitable for every type of use. Practical, safe and robust, the watertight versions offer a dual degree of protection IP66/IP67, while the mobile elements also ensure the new levels IP68 and IP69 for total protection against the entry of solid bodies and liquids. The new cable fastener clamp, the structure, the halogen-free plastic materials, and the nickel-plating of the holes and plug pins are all factors that make the IEC 309 HP outstanding in terms of resistance and protection. Resistance and total protection, the two wiring systems – both available for amperage levels up to 32A – mean a quick, simple and safe connection in all usage conditions. The IEC 309 HPrange marks a radical change from the classic screw wiring system, introducing the fast wiring solution that’s safest and easiest for the installer.
The new IEC 309 HP, consisting of 444 codes, widens and completes the assortment of plugs and mobile/flush-mounting socket-outlets for 16A and 32A currents with an IP44 and IP66/IP67 degree of protection (also IP68/IP69 for the mobile versions). These products are at the top of the industrial connection range in terms of performance, practicality and technical characteristics, and are available with screw wiring or fast spring wiring – the most advanced technology in existence. The introduction of all the time references of the earthing contact completes the range of applications, offering specific versions for special environments and installations. The distinguishing feature is the extremely quick and easy assembly and wiring. The design has also been renewed: a single line for both versions (fast and screw wiring).
Apart from the IEC 309 HP socket-outlets, the system also includes: 63 and 125A socket-outlets and plugs with polarity, voltage and frequency suitable for systems up to 500V in the IP44 and IP67 versions; versions for extra-low voltage; 90° straight flushmounting 10° surface-mounting versions; multipliers and adapters. System of industrial socket-outlets and plugs for energy distribution in the commercial and industrial sectors. Equipped with an interlock switch, these socket-outlets meet all the professional needs of installers and control panel operators. Four lines containing standard vertical versions, vertical versions for heavy-duty use, compact and horizontal – all complying with Standard IEC309.
Resistance and total protection
Apart from the IP66/IP67 degrees of protection envisaged by the Standard, the IEC 309 HP plugs and mobile socket-outlets offer two additional degrees of protection (the first and only situation of its kind in the electro-technical field): IP68 and IP69. IP68 allows the product to be immersed to considerable depths. IP69 ensures that liquids cannot enter, even in the case of notable pressure levels at high temperatures. These features, currently only available in the automotive sector, allow the use of high-pressure water jet cleaners without having to worry about liquids possibly getting into the product.
The cable fastener clamp, used in both protected and watertight versions, holds the cable in place even when there are strong vibrations. It also ensures the IP degree of protection: it can be “closewound” without the need for tools. The anti-slackening device prevents screws from accidentally coming loose, even when subject to vibrations or mechanical stress. The ring nut is unlosable, even if it is completely loosened.
Thanks to their structure and the performance of the top quality materials, these products are truly solid and can reach performance levels markedly higher than both the regulatory standards and the current market standards.
The plug pins and holes are nickel plated to ensure the total protection of the contact on elements most subject to oxidation: this finish guarantees maximum product life and allows for use in environments with critical climatic conditions (such as marine installations) or where there are aggressive substances. Protection against corrosion Each product is individually packed in practical blister packs to keep it clean in all storage conditions. The blister pack has a euro hole hang tab so it can be hung on display stands. The packaging shows all the product data, along with the assembly instructions and barcode. Storage protection All products are in halogen-free technopolymer (in compliance with EN50267-2-2), guaranteeing the utmost safety for people and equipment in the event of a fire: a solution that’s common throughout Europe for public places with a high concentration of people.