Cable Markers

Partex PA Series single-digit markers are the tried and tested. Proven in the field, billions of times over, they combine low cost, easy application and the ability to make up any ident, anywhere, any time.
The markers are available for use with wires, cables, pipes, hoses and components, manufactured to the highest quality to provide excellent legibility, consistent appearance and long service life. Partex single-digit markers are widely accepted as the best on the market.

Closed, secure, marker sleeve for unconnected wires and cables.
Designed for electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic etc., applications.
High quality hot-foil marking.
Unique profile with spring-action bellows covers a wide variety of diameters with a single marker size therefore reducing
marker stock requirements.
Designed to interlock when fitted, enabling easy alignment of multiple character markings.
High environmental tolerance and excellent legibility.
Cadmium-free soft PVC to special Partex formula.
Black on white, black on yellow or to International resistor colour code all ex-stock.
Hot-foil stamped.
The shape is permanent between -30°C and +60°C.
Self-extinguishing, good resistance to chemicals, gamma and UV radiation.
0-9, A-Z, +, -, /, earth, or blank. Special symbols available to order.