New Generation WEG CWB Contactors

New Generation WEG CWB Contactors

Technology and Reliability In a Compact Size

The CWB range from WEG are built to be compact yet robust in order to be a highly useful, reliable and energy efficient component.

Could the CWB contactor range be beneficial for your next project?

In this post we will explore the main features of this multi-purpose product.

WEG CWB Contactor


Benefits at a Glance

  • Compact- can save 18% more space
  • Low-consumption coils- 5.8 W at at 24 dc
  • Built in auxiliary contacts- 1NO and 1NC
  • Easy identification of the control voltage
  • ‘Zero-Width’ mechanical interlock
  • Easy connection busbar for quick mounting.
  • Choice of up to six auxiliary contacts
  • Compatibility of accessories with the whole CWB line
  • Fast mounting on DIN rail 35mm or with screw

Compact, flexible use and easy installation


The CWB range is available in two sizes:

45mm wide: available up to 38A (185kW at 380V AC-3)

54 mm wide: available from 40-80A (37 kW at 380 V AC-3

Did you know:The compact size of the CWB contactors can save around 18% more space compared with traditional solutions?

Built-in Auxiliary Contacts 


Close up of Auxiliary Contacts- 1NC and 1NO
1NO + 1NC










The contactors contain two built-in auxiliary contacts (1NO + 1NC). This enables the application of CWB contactors to be more flexible in most automation systems and will optimise the internal space for electrical panels. The contactors also feature a front slot for passing control cables, which consequently can reduce or even eliminate the need for routing control cables. This is achieved through the side or front of the contactors and provides a more organised assembly.

Contactor Coil Operated on AC or DC

The range is available in a variety of voltages in only two coil versions- one for AC and another for DC, for the whole line of contactors from 9-80A. The contactor coils are easy to replace (AC coils in currents from 9-80A and DC coils in currents from 40-80 A and have a visual indication of the coil voltage.

‘Zero-Width’ Mechanical Interlock

WEG have developed a new mechanical system which ensures compact and safe mounting without the use of tools.  This interlocking system avoids adding side space and it is possible to mount reversing starters of up to 80A.

Easy Access Power

The range features a fast front access for safe and easy installation as well as measurements and preventive or corrective maintenance of starters.


Compact Mounting of Surge Suppressor Blocks

Surge Suppressor Block Visual Demonstration
Surge Suppressor Blocks









In addition, WEG has also developed surge suppressor blocks specifically for this range of contactors. These ensure limitation or even completely eliminate the undesired interference that can occur when opening the contactor coil. The suppressor blocks are easily installed on CWB contactors without the need for tools.

Easy Connection Busbars and Connectors

CWB Busbar Connections diagram
CWB Busbar Connections

The CWB range aims to reduce mounting time and prevent errors with their modular and flexible easy-connection busbars and connectors. This easy connecting system allows the mounting with the WEG manual motor protectors and overload relays to form compact robust direct starts, reversing and non-reversing starters, as well as star-delta starters.


Safety Against Accidental Contact

The power and control terminals of the CWB contactors have a degree of protection that completely ensures the safety against accidental front contacts.

Safety-Related Applications

The CWB line allows the combination of special contactors and specific order to comply with the requirements of IEC/EN 60947-4-1 Annex f (Mirror Contacts) and IEC/EN 60947-5-1 Annex L (Mechanically Linked Contacts and NR12 regulatory standard).

Why Choose WEG?

With branches in 29 countries, manufacturing plants in 12 countries, operations in 100 countries and a portfolio of 460 product lines, it’s safe to say that WEG have established themselves as one of the leaders in electrical components and solutions. Furthermore they have appeared in the Forbes list of 100 largest small global companies of the world and finally  it has been ranked as the 9th most competitive company on the American Continent. They are renowned for the quality and reliability of their products.

Here at Chalon, we have been selling WEG products for many years and have trusted their quality components in our own panel building products. The quality and reliability of their components are impressive and thus are clear proof of why they are globally successful.


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