Emergency Stop Buttons- Chint & EMAS

Emergency Stop Buttons- Chint & EMAS

With Great Technology Comes Great Responsibility

Question: What do these four things have in common?

'Oblivion' at Alton Towers


  • A wrapping machine at Cadbury’s which can wrap over  64,000 chocolate bars per hour.
  • A ride at Alton Towers that can be ridden by over 30,000 people in a
    single day.
  • An escalator in Liverpool One shopping centre.
  • Finally, a luggage conveyor belt at Manchester Airport.

Answer: All of the above must have an emergency stop device installed in order to avert actual or impending danger- ‘Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008’

Therefore when it comes to designing, building or maintaining machinery, it is vital to use emergency stop systems that promise the best quality and reliability.

The range of Emergency Stop Buttons from Chalon Components promises just that.

Chint & Emas Pushbutton Range
Image result for NP2 push buttons emergency

The Chint NP2 pushbutton and EMAS control stations range combines the perfect features for superior reliability and safety, as well as making them easy to install and use.

Let’s take a look at the features to see how our range of pushbutton stock could benefit your next project.


Chint Enclosed Emergency Stop Station- 1 N/C

The Chint Emergency Stop Station is a complete component, ready to be installed into a project.

Chint Enclosed Emergency Stop Button Station


  • 40 mm diameter mushroom head
  • Twist to release mechanism allows for quick resetting in an emergency situation
  • 1 Normally Closed Contact
  • IP40 rated
  • An extra cotact block can be added
  • Eye-catching colour combination for easy identification
  • Robust enclosure
  • 66mm W x 66mm L x 79mm D

This station is fully assembled in its own enclosure therefore  takes a lot of fuss out of installation, so is great for quick maintenance or repairs for machinery. Furthermore, the button’ is easy to identify, even in a crisis situation, thanks to its eye-catching colour combination.

Shop Emergency Stop Stations here

Three Button Station- UP/DOWN and EMERGENCY STOP

A station with a simple format and three simple functions.

FeaturesThree Button Station

  • 3 flush buttons- White, Black and Red for easy identification
  • 2 normally open and one normally closed contacts
  • Anti-moving operating part
  • Dual functions of circuit switching for reliable contacting
  • Independent NC and NO contacting assemblies for convenient replacement

With a robust enclosure and high quality components, this station has a lot to offer in terms of reliability and durability.

Shop Multi-Button Stations here

Emas Aluminium Control Box for Emergency Stop Button

An aluminium box providing the highest amount of protection when used with the correct pushbuttons


  • IP65 protection
  • Durable aluminium enclosure
  • Strong resistance against mechanical strokes
  • Maximum strength for environmental conditions

Shop Emas  Control Boxes here

Emergency Stop Labels

Did you know we also make Emergency Stop Labels? Why not pick up your Emergency Stop Buttons and labels same day? Our service is quick and easy, saving you time and money.

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Stop Danger, Switch on SafetyImage result for emergency stop button sign

The Chint NP2 range is built to not only meet, but to exceed safety regulations. With features focused on durability, reliability, and easy identification, the NP” range are an excellent choice as a safety mechanism.

In conclusion, with the winning combination of affordability and high quality, why choose anything else?



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