Chana JXB Terminals

Chana JXB Terminals

Chana Brand Overview

Chana is a power manufacturer and exporter of industrial electrical components and equipment. Their product lines include:

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Contactors
  • Relays
  • Distribution Boards
  • Pushbutton Switches
  • Indicator Lights
  • Terminals and Cable Accessories

Their objective is to improve the quality of life and the environment through efficient and innovative manufacture and service. Having established their own dedicated research and development team, which have produced many high quality products, they have more than fulfilled this objective.

JXB Product Overview

The Chana JXB range is a variety of screw-type industrial distribution terminal blocks. They feature general purpose mounting feet that enable quick installation on DIN-35 rail and G shaped 32 rail. Their closed bolt leading hole facilitates the operation of screwdrivers and also prevents the bolt from becoming loose and falling out. They are fitted with general auxiliaries, such as an end plate and a segments spacer for terminals with multiple sections. Furthermore

Product Specification

So now we’ve given you an overview of the product supplier and the product itself, we’re going to give you a feature breakdown of the JXB range, to give you an idea of how the JXB range can work for you and your next project.



  • Rating:24A
  • Max Cable Size: 2.5mm
  • Thickness:6 mm
  • Colours: Grey, Blue or Red





  • Rating: 32A
  • Max Cable Size:4mm
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Colours: Grey, Blue or Red




JXB 6 

  • Rating:41A
  • Max Cable Size: 6mm
  • Thickness:8mm
  • Colours: Grey or Blue


JXB 10

  • Rating:57A
  • Max Cable Size: 10mm
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Colours: Grey or Blue


JXB 4/3S- Double Deck Terminal

  • Rating:32A
  • Max Cable Size: 4mm
  • Thickness:6.5mm
  • Colours: Grey




  • Rating: 25A
  • Max Cable Size: 2.5mm
  • Thickness:5mm
  • Colours: Grey



JXB 16

  • Rating:76A
  • Max Cable Size: 16mm
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Colours: Grey


JXB 35

  • Rating: 125A
  • Max Cable Size:35mm
  • Thickness:18mm
  • Colours: Grey



Accepts 20 x 5mm fuses.

  • Rating: 6.3A
  • Max Cable Size:4mm
  • Thickness:6.5mm
  • Colours: Grey

Quantity Deals

Selected JXB 2.5 and JXB 4 are available in bulk packs of 10 or 50.

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Lasting Safety

The word Changan (or Chana) literally means Lasting Safety, which supports the company’s ethos of improving the quality of life. A high level of research and innovative development has gone into producing their products, which makes them super reliable and high quality. At Chalon we don’t just supply the JXB range, we trust its reliability and quality to use it in our own panels and we’ve never been disappointed.

Try the Chana JXB range of terminals for yourself!







Did you also know we supply accessories for the JXB range?

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