Finder 8051 Timer

Finder 8051 Timer

Finder manufactures its products in four facilities: It's headquarters and main production plant are situated in Almese near Turin, north-west Italy. It has production plants in Sanfront near Cuneo, north-west Italy, in Saint Jean de Maurienne, south-east France and in Valencia, Spain. Finder has two logistics centres in Trebur Astheim (Germany) and in Almese. Some of the manufacturing facilities are located in the north-west Alps, an area characterised by a strong international outlook and high export achievement. The most recent plant in Valencia complements the existing organization both in terms of the plant's manufacturing process and emphasis on product quality.

Product Info

The unique feature about the Finder 8051 is its rating at 8 Amp. This makes it a cheaper alternative to the Finder 8001 if you aren’t using the full 16 Amps. The only other different is that the 8051 is 24-230 volts were the 8001 is 12-230 volts.

Multi-function and multi-voltage

  • 17.5 mm wide
  • Six time scales from 0.1 s to 24 h
  • High input/output isolation
  • 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mount
  • “Blade + cross” - both flat blade and cross head screw drivers can be used to adjust the range and function selectors, the timing trimmer, and to disengage the rail mounting clip
  • New multi-voltage versions with “PWM clever” Technology

Gewiss 68 Q-DIN Range Distribution Boards

Supplier Details- Gewisslogo GEWISS

Gewiss is a market leader in the international electro-technical industry. Although based in Italy, it boasts offices, subsidaries, agencies and production sites in more than eighty nations. Gewiss' success derives from its capacity to pinpoint customer needs and create winning company strategies and solutions that meet these needs. Their mission is to meet consumer needs through innovation and invention and the 68 Q-DIN range of distribution boards are prime example of this company's constant development and ability to find solutions to industrial and domestic electrical needs.


Image result for Q-DIN RANGE PRODUCT OVERVIEWThe 68 Q-DIN Range is a complete electric board system for energy distribution in commercial, industrial and construction sites. They are available in both empty and wired versions in compliance with the IEC 61439 standard. The range includes:
  • Versions from 5 to 20 DIN EN 50022 modules, including supplementary 14 and 20 modules to obtain more DIN space.
  • Versions able to house domestic socket-outlets 50 x 50 mm
  • IP65 degree of protection guaranteed by the innovative door handle closing system for flush-mounting and interlocked sockets from 16 to 63A, IP44 and IP67
  • Pre-arrangement for emergency push button
  • Pole coupling, wall brackets, transportation handle and mobile support.

Range information

This range is made up of twenty-six empty casings for flush-mounting and interlocked switched socket-outlets up to 63 Amps. The boxes are customisable for their purpose, with a variety of complimentary items that can be combined to extend the fields of application. The range provides IP65 grade protection. Image result for Q-DIN RANGE PRODUCT OVERVIEWThe boards are available with 5-10-14-20 modules as well as supplementary modules (14 and 20 M) which are ideal for increasing the modular space. This range offers innovative technical details such as an ergonomic handle (to simplify the opening of the door) and screws for 'hinging' the front to facilitate wiring operations. There is a wide variety of accessory combinations available for this range. The boards can be fitted with key-operated locks with a metal cylinder and mushroom head emergency push-button for easy safety. They can be pole mounted, surface mounted, flush-mounted or fixed to accident prevention mobile supports. Image result for Q-DIN RANGE PRODUCT OVERVIEWAll the boards in this range conform to the latest safety and electrical standards. They are wired and certified in conformity with the new Standard EN61439. This standard replaced the previous EN60439 and outlined the guidelines and test procedures to be observed. In addition, this standard allows the use of boards with specific UV resistance characteristics in accordance with EN62208

Email or Ring us for more information on the Gewiss 68 Q-DIN Range. 01744 271598

Broyce M1 Range of Timers

Broyce Control, UK Company Overview

With over 50 years experience, Broyce Control has grown to become one of the industry's leading UK design, manufacturer and supplier of electrical and electronic products. Their impressive range of products are designed to control, monitor and protect a multitude of applications. Their mission is to deliver dynamic, technology-driven engineering solutions with exceptional customer service.

Product Overview

The Broyce M1 timers are multi-function timers with screw terminals and a multi-time range up to 60 minutes. It supports delay on energisation, interval symmetrical OFF/ON recycling and symmetrical ON/OFF recycling functions. It has ±0.5% at constant conditions repeat accuracy and <=2 x 2.5mm² solid or stranded.        

Product Break Down

  • Timer Functions: 4 functions (MFT model), 6 functions (SMT model)
  • Minimum Time: 0.5s
  • Maximum Time: 60 Mins
  • No. Timing Ranges: 4 ranges
  • Timer Output: 1 Changeover Relay
  • Supply Voltage Max: 230 VAC
  • Current Rating Nom: 8A
  • Connection/Termination: Screw Terminals
  • Dual Voltage
  • SPDT relay output
  • LED indication supply and relay status
  • Din Rail Housing 17.5mm

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Dextro VDE Insulated Screwdrivers- CK Tools

Image result for carl kammerling logoCompany Overview

Carl Kammerling is a tool and construction accessory company, which has become a leading brand for hand tools, tool belts, drill accessories and a range of practical and organisational accessories for tradesmen. Founded in Germany 1904, their products now sell all over the world and boast a network of experienced distributors in over 40 countries as well as having their own sales teams in the UK, Ireland, France and Germany. For over 100 years, CK has been at the forefront of handtool manufacturing and producing high quality tools that meet the most demanding needs of trade professionals.

Image result for dextro vde insulated screwdriversProduct Overview

The Dextro VDE Range of insulated screwdrivers feature a smooth round handle for easy, effortless pivoting and handling, as well as contoured blade insulation for improved terminal access. The red handle and permanent markings make for easy identification and they are tested and certified internationally to ensure your safety when using them on electrical projects.

Image result for dextro vde insulated screwdriversProduct Breakdown

  • Tip type marking for easy identification
  • Ergonomically shaped, dual component handle for increased comfort, control and safety
  • Long fine neck for precise fingertip control
  • Ridges along the head to give extra grip in that last quarter-turn
  • Handle injection moulded directly to blade giving the ultimate bond for increased reliability and durability
  • VDE approved- individually tested up to 10,000V for safe, live working up to 1000V
  • Premium quality chrome vanadium steel blade for exception strength and durability
  • Precision machined tip for an exact screw fit and damage free screwdriving
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Chana Panel Mounting Monoblock LEDs

The Panel Mounting Monoblock LED Indicators from Chana are a brilliant option for many electrical projects. They are perfect for indicating a chosen variable, such as ON/OFF as they are energy efficient and developed to have a long life.

Company Overview

  Chana is a power manufacturer and exporter of industrial electrical components and equipment. Their product lines include:
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Contactors
  • Relays
  • Distribution Boards
  • Pushbutton Switches
  • Indicator Lights
  • Terminals and Cable Accessories
Their objective is to improve the quality of life and the environment through efficient and innovative manufacture and service. Therefore, having established their own dedicated research and development team, which have produced many high quality products, they have more than fulfilled this objective.

Product Overview

The Chana range of Panel Mounted LED indicator lamps are an easy-to-install, energy-efficient indication solution that are ideal for conrol panels. Moreover, feature a cluster of LEDs fitted together for high illumination output. Its characteristic locking nut makes it easy to install whilst its concealed terminal is both safe and compact. In addition, it is supplied as a complete, encapsulated LED ready to fit straight into a panel.

Technical Specification Breakdown

  • Over 30,000 hours expected life
  • 600 cd/m² brightness
  • -25 to +55°C Operating Temperature Range
  • IP65 Protection


Overall, these LEDs are bright and long lasting, making them perfect for warning or alarm signals on a panel or for indication of a variable.

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ABB OT Range of Isolators

Image result for abb logoABB Company overview

ABB is a pioneering technology leader that is writing the future of industrial digitalization. For more than four decades, they have been at the forefront, innovating digitally connected and enabled industrial equipment and systems. With a heritage spanning more than 130 years, ABB operates in more than 100 countries and employs around 135,000 people. Read more about ABB in our Supplier Spotlight post here.

Image result for abb ot rangeProduct overview

Thanks to a uniquely short current path and a double-sided spring construction combined with a small amount of components, ABB’s OT range of isolators have a small footprint area, allowing installation in confined spaces. Space savings mean cost reduction.

Image result for abb ot rangeQuick and perfect installation every time

  • Base, door or DIN rail mounted.
  • Installation in any direction: horizontal, vertical or even at the ceiling.
  • A wide variety of accessories to customize the installation, such as handles, shafts, auxiliary contacts, cabling accessories and additional power poles.

Flexibility to plan your installation:

Switches from 16 to 125 Amps can be snap-on or screw-mounted and switches from 160 to 2500 Amps have adjustable feet that allow top or side mounting. Snap-on accessories available.

Technical Specification

ABB OT isolators are physically smaller in sizes than other brands, this compact design allows less space to be used up inside a control panel. They are available in 3 or 4 pole variations with 6 and 8 pole versions available to order.  Current ratings of 16A to 125A with higher rated versions available on request. Available in two mounting types:
  • Base mount version which can either be mounted onto din rail or can be fixed directly onto the base plate of a control panel or enclosure using the fixing holes. This version requires an extension shaft and a handle.
  • Door mount version which mounts directly onto the back of a panel door. This version requires a handle.
SpecificationImage result for abb ot range
  • Door interlocked switch disconnector / load break switch.
  • Handle and extension shaft (for base mount version) must be ordered separately.
  • Other accessories available like auxiliaries and terminal shrouds.
  • Compact and lightweight design starting at just 54x48x56mm
  • Manufacturer: ABB
  • Guarantee: 3 years
Shop the ABB OT ISOLATOR RANGE here Follow us on facebook here Follow us on twitter here Email: Call: 01942 271598

WEG MPW Range of Manual Motor Starters

Image result for weg logoWEG Brand Overview

WEG is a global solutions provider of industrial technologies. They have nearly 60 years in the field and have grown into the largest industrial electric motor manufacturer in the America's and one of the largest manufacturers of electrical motors in the world, producing more than 21 million units annually. In this post we are going to be looking at their brilliant range of MPW Manual Motor Starters.  

Main Technical Features

WEG MPW Manual Motor Starter Series are built with the latest technology and design. Furthermore, they are versatile enough to face almost any application in motor control and created to be compact in order to maximise space within a panel. In addition, the series combines motor control; disconnect means, a short circuit and motor overload protections in just one, compact, component. Moreover, the MPW range includes many performance and safety oriented features including: Class 10 Trip Protection, ambient temperature compensation and phase failure sensitivity, which gives all the protection a motor would need. For short circuit protection, the magnetic device trips at 13 times the maximum FLA of the component. Finally, this range is designed to comply with international standards, making them suitable for applications all over the world.  

Technical Specification Break Down

  • Thermal Magnetic Protection
  • High short-circuit interrupt rating up to 50kA @ 480V
  • Current limiting short-circuit protection
  • Class 10 thermal overload protection
  • Phase loss sensitivity protection
  • Ambient temperature compensation (-20°C to +60°C)
  • Lockable rotary handle mechanism for disconnect
  • Visual indication of On-Trip-Off status

Image result for compressorUses

The MPW range are recommended for a wide range of applications, where full voltage combination starters are required. Some examples of uses are pumps, industrial washing machines, compressors, cutting machines, conveyors, lumber processing and many others. Overall, MPW series of motor starters are a compact reliable solution for starting and protecting motors.   Shop the range here.

Balluff BAE Power Supplies

System – Mold-IDBalluff Brand Overview

Balluff is a global leader in electrical sensors, with over 50 years of experience in innovation and technology. They have their own line of connectivity products for every area of factory-run automation including:
  • Safety
  • Identification Systems
  • Automotive
  • Packing
  • Energy
  • Steel Industry
  • Life Science
When it comes to quality, Balluff set their own ideas and standards that aim to go higher than applicable official standards. When you buy Balluff, you know you are buying the promise of safety, reliability and innovation. You can read more information about Balluff in last month's Supplier Spotlight post: Here

BAE Range Product OverviewImage result for balluff bae power supply

This range of power supplies are designed with control products in mind and are built to cope with rough applications to maintain efficiency, lifespan and most importantly, the safety of the control product. Furthermore, these intelligent power supplies are equipped with HeartBeat™ Technology which gives reliable feedback in real time on the long term status of the supply. What is HeartBeat Technology™? HeartBeat Technology™ features three easy-to-see indicators which communicate the status of the three main components of the power supply for simple preventative maintenance planning. Stress Level: Reversible in medium term. Stress level indicates the physical and thermal loads. A change in the load status delays the 'pulse' of the device slightly. Lifetime- Irreversible in the long term. Lifetime indicates the remaining useful life of the device and is based on the combination of all loads. Load Level- Reversible in short term. Load level indicates the current load on the device. The display indicates the load without delay.


  • Highly energy efficient (<93% efficiency)
  • Electrically durable (power boost 150% for 4 seconds)
  • Long lasting (minimum service life of 15 years)
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • IP67- outside the cabinet rated


  • Parallel/Single Mode
    • When more power is needed, multiple units can be connected in parallel mode.
  • Adjustable Output
    • Adjust voltage output to compensate for losses in wiring and distributed components
  • Status Indication
    • LED for DC Power On and DC Power LO indication
  • Ready Output
    • Informs control system that power supply is operational (most models)
  • Rugged DIN Rail Mount
  • CE, UL/cUL & TUV Approvals
  • IP20-rated metal housing
  • Finger-safe Terminals
    • No additional guarding is necessary

Balluff at Chalon

When you buy Balluff, not only are you buying years of research, you are buying the promise of reliability, efficiency and safety. The quality and experience that goes into making Balluff is worthy of their global leader status and why we are proud to stock their products. Shop Balluff Power Supplies: Here.     Follow us on facebook here Follow us on twitter here Email: Call: 01942 271598

Supplier Spotlight- Balluff


Image result for balluff

Balluff is a leading global sensor specialist, with over 50 years experience in innovation. The company was founded in Neuhausen near Stuttgart in 1921 and has been family-run for four generations. They have their own line of connectivity products for every area of factory automation. Furthermore, Balluff stand for creating comprehensive systems from a single source, using state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest quality and greatest reliability. From a small, mechanical shop in the 1920's, Balluff has grown into a world-orientated, leading global player, that boasts 3600 employees, 9 production locations worldwide and representatives in over 60 countries.  

Balluff History

Gebhard BalluffBicycles, motorcycles and sewing machines were the starting point for over 90 years of success!
  • By 1947 this small business had grown into a factory for precision mechanical products.
  • In 1921 Gebhard Balluff founded his mechanical repair shop for bicycles and sewing machines.
  • In 1956 Balluff entered into the Sensor market and the development of sensor innovations began with the production of the BND Cam Switch.
  • In 1968 work began on the BES Inductive Proximity Switches, which were the first non-contact sensor. This was a great advance in control technology for mechanical engineering and made Balluff one of the world market leaders.
  • Fast forward 10 years to 1978 and Balluff has furthered this technology by creating sensors that can now detect objects even at great distances and are made of a variety of materials other than metal.
  • In 2012 Balluff began production on BNI Smart Lights. They have expanded their expertise into high-precision magnetic displacement and angle measurement systems
  • In 2015 with its comprehensive portfolio, Balluff has developed into a pacesetter for Industry 4.0.


Balluff provides precise electrical solutions for  many applications in industry. They have researched and developed high precision solutions for almost every industrial application including:
  • Safety
  • Identification systems
  • Automotive
  • Packing
  • Energy
  • Life Science
  • Steel Industry
These are just some of the highly technological applications and projects that Balluff have developed suitable product solutions for.

Latest InnovationsTool ID

Safety Automation requires safety and Balluff's quality guarantees this safety. Their concept consists of products and solutions that fulfil their tasks over the course of years with the same reliability and precision. This is achieved through creating a high number of products that minimise danger for humans and production plants. Safety over I-O Link To increase the efficiency of safety concepts and integrate them into the safety control,  Balluff have created a safe I-O module. The Balluff Safety Hub is the first integrated safety solution via I-O link. It's easy to integrate, responds quickly and can replace the control cabinet. It handles communication down to the last meter and provides both sensor and actuator details as well as secure information. Like all Balluff products, this safety concept is built with state of the art technology and high quality components. Tool-ID  Easy Tool-ID is a helpful solution to get started in automated tool management. It uses simple installation and configuration to easily set up nearly any machine tool that has a USB interface. It eliminates the need for manual entry of information, which diminishes the risk of incorrect data. Data is instead written on the tool by the presetter via RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. This is then transmitted to the machine tool using the Easy Tool-ID system. Furthermore, the product consists of a tool stand with integrated read/write head, a processor unit, a micro-controller and the power supply.

Balluff at Chalon

Every industrial automation system need a reliable source of power that is channeled in an even manner without spikes. Only then can these systems perform to their full potential. The BAE Power Supply Units by Balluff, provide this consistent, controlled source even under demanding conditions. They provide protection against unforeseen events through using integrated overload and over voltage protection. In addition, the BAE Power Supply Units promise a long service life and fewer system failures, with a guaranteed Mean Time Between Failure being over 210,000 hours/ 24 years.

Innovating Automation

When it comes to quality, Balluff has its own ideas and standards. These standards aim to go higher than applicable official standards. When you buy Balluff, you buy the promise of safety, reliability and innovation.   Shop Balluff Power Supplies here:    

Engraving Services At Chalon Components

When constructing a project, you need the best materials, fast service and knowledgeable advice. At Chalon we aim to provide everything you need to complete your next electrical project, from the enclosure and components right down to engraved labels, legend plates and valve tags. In this post, we'd like to give you a full overview on the engraving services we offer at Chalon and how these services can benefit your next project.

Engraving Production WorkshopOur Engraving Team

Our engraving team at Chalon Components has many years experience in designing and producing high quality engraved products for control panels and electrical projects. Furthermore we use durable engraving materials, high-tech machinery and accurate computer software that can produce intricate designs as well as clear, easy-to-read text. Our craftsmen are trained to the highest standards in the UK, which enables them to provide custom engraving services to your requirements, with diligent attention to detail and prompt delivery.    

Our Products

Danger Label
  • Mimic Diagrams
  • Scales and Dials
  • Control Panel Labels
  • Lift Panel Labels
  • Electrical Labels
  • Switch Plates
  • Hydraulic Labels
  • Emergency Stop DisksValve and Tag Labels
  • Reverse Engraving
  • Serial Plates
  • Warning Labels
  • Identification Labels
  • Keyrings
  • Badges
Did you know we have our own  gift and corporate product business? You can read more about our corporate promotion products and fun gift ideas here. Our Materials are available in an extensive range of label/text colour combinations, so feel free to call in to our trade counter and view our material samples or send us your specification and we'll try to match your requirements. Just about any letter style can be used together with logos and diagrams to create the sign/label you need. We're always open to custom designs so if you have an idea let us know and we'll do our best to create it for you. Bulk order? No problem. Our engraving machinery has the latest technology and computer software to effortlessly create quantities from one to one million. Furthermore we can equip your label with a fitting to facilitate installation, including industrial strength double-sided tape and drilled fixing holes for screws.

Here to Help from Start to Finish

Why go elsewhere when you can get everything you need for your project in one place? Get your enclosure, components, tools and engraved labels and signs in one order at a great price at Chalon Components, saving you time and money. Enquiring couldn't be easier, simply fill in the form linked at the bottom of this post and email it to Or contact our team directly by phoning 01942 271598 Or pop into our Trade Counter Solution Point Haydock Lane Haydock Industrial Estate WA11 9UY Where our friendly, knowledgeable sales team are on hand for any advice or to answer any questions you may have. You'll also be able to speak to our highly trained engraving team who will be able to advise you on the best option for your requirements and will be able to show you examples of our materials and past work. Label Enquiry Form-Word Label Enquiry Form-PDF   Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter